CleverHost offers a selection of the most popular, and some of the most unique, top level domains available.

Your Domain is Your Storefront Sign

We all know physical stores, offices, and arenas still play a huge part in getting successful brand off the ground. However, in this modern era, making it easy for visitors, readers, and prospective customers is key to helping establish credibility, selling products, and getting people in through your front door.

A domain that's easy to remember plays a very important role. If it's short, it might be too obscure. If it's long, it might be too hard to remember. And if the suffix (e.g. .com, .net, .ca) has nothing to do with what the site is about, or is similar to an existing domain, that could lead to further confusion.

How Do I Choose?

You should pick a domain that has something to do with your brand, ideally a person's name or business name, and a suffix that helps get across what you do. For example:

  • - a commercial venture
  • - a personal website, and Canadian
  • - a bit long, but memorable, and Canadian
  • - Canadian service provider

Once you have a few ideas written down, head over to our domain checker to see if they're available, and order your favourite today!